Daniel Steiminger

Digital Artist & Animator/ Production Management | DSteiminger@yahoo.com

Laugh out Loud, grin worthy, and epic. In my digital art and animation there is a mix of cartoon comedy and grandeur. Each piece brings together tones of humor and awe that harmoniously connect. The digital paintings reflect a whimsical and fantasy-like atmosphere. The digital animations use a futuristic technological feel mixed with playful wit. The thrill for me comes when the audience smiles and laughs in amusement while viewing my animations or paintings.
Although humor is the focal point to many of my pieces, I may occasionally include some serious personal elements to give more of myself to the viewer through my art. Many of the pieces incorporate my religious background as a Latter-Day Saint of which I am passionate about, a passion that ties my family life and artistic life together and bonds them. Thus some of my pieces are made with my morals, my love for my wife, and my faith in mind. This is displayed through use of intense colors and energetic sequences. Though each piece is unique this unifying trait reflects my personality in all of my work.


Daniel Steiminger attended California State University Channel Islands and graduated with his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art and Digital Media in December 2015. He first attended Ventura Community College where he received an Associate’s Degree in Art.
He has presented his time based media in film festivals such as California State University Channel Islands’ Film & Animation Film Festival in spring 2013. He has also exhibited some of his digital paintings in Ventura Community College’s annual Student Art Expo in the spring of 2012.
Daniel currently lives in Ventura, California with his loving and supportive wife Brittany. Daniel plans on finding a career in the film and animation industry as a Production or Project Manager where he can work with a team to fulfill his desire of creating digitally animated movies for the big screen.

Artist's Statement